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Mobile Gaming Market Analysis

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The mobile gambling industry has really managed to take off during the last couple of years. The number of google searches related to mobile gambling has continuously increased, the number of players is going up and the revenues that come from this practice is also skyrocketing these days. One of the main reasons why all this is happening is because the number of smartphones, tablets and mobile internet subscribers is going up all the time, while the number of personal computers sales is no longer as it was during its glory days.

The big trend in the IT industry is for the people to become more mobile and have access to the same services that they normally have on their computer, except for the fact that this time people would fit the devices in their pockets and take them everywhere they go.

The mobile gambling industry is still considered to be a young industry and there is plenty of space for it to grow, especially since not all large online gambling websites have launched yet their mobile platform for the games that they are offering and only few of them are available and with limited possibilities of gambling.

One of the most prestigious online research company: Juniper Research stated back in 2005 that the mobile gambling industry will generate up to $19.3 billion dollars in 2009. At the same time in 2010 the Gartner statistics showed that the mobile gambling industry has only generated around $4.7 billion in 2009. The big difference comes from the fact that online gambling got banned in the US back in 2006.

Another report that was released by the Juniper Research in September 2010 says that the mobile casino games industry will be able to go beyond the $48 billion limit by the year 2015. This great number takes into account many interesting facts that are able to bring a massive growth of the online mobile gambling industry. First of all there is a great number of mobile casinos, poker rooms, sports betting websites launched, and there is also a very high emerging market in China that is able to sustain considerable growth of any industry out there.

In Europe there are also discussion about the mobile gambling legislation that will liberalize this practice and there is also a little bit of hope that US, or at least a few states from US will start allowing its residents to gamble online and from their mobile smartphones.